A type system developed in partnership with Summa Branding as part of an ambitious rebranding and strategy project for FC BARCELONA. The project addresses the need to unify all of the typographic elements into a single «voice» that reflects the club’s identity and responds, in form and function, to the great complexity of the institution’s communication. To this end, we designed a type system with complex levels of organization that allows for a wide range of possible applications. At the same time, the system unites the most functional and technical uses with the most expressive and creative. The new family is designed as an organic, open system that can be expanded in multiple ways. The first stage of implementation involved an extensive sans serif family with seven weights, plus their companion italics. This distinctive, strong, rigorous, dynamic and functional type, inspired by the formal attributes of the shield, reflects the unique relationship between the structure and the ball terminals. The system expands into several sub-families –Serif, Condensed, and Compressed– that make it easy to adapt this new corporate voice to a wide variety of contexts