Extratype is an internationally award-winning typography design studio founded by Iñigo Jerez and based in Barcelona. Since 1995, we have created high-caliber types for analog and digital media. We approach every project with passion and attention to detail, drawing on our respect for the history of typography and contemporary creative impulses. Our reputation is built on our extensive experience in graphic communication and art direction, coupled with the precision of our drawings and our well-crafted type designs. The result? Unique projects that really stand out, tailored to the needs of our clients.
We work with brands and collaborate with agencies and studios to develop workflows based on methodology and empathy to ensure the success of every project. Our aim is to satisfy the typographic needs of our clients by offering a wide range of services, from creating and designing logotypes to producing entire type families. Extratype collaborates closely with Extra!, a branding and visual communication studio with more than two decades to its name. Together we create the necessary synergies to provide 360-degree corporate communication services. 




Santa Teresa 3, 2º1ª
08012 Barcelona
(+34) 934 874 344