In 2018, Loreak Mendian, the legendary fashion brand created in San Sebastian in the 1990s, reinvented itself as Loreak. This represented a profound change in brand identity. Pensando en Blanco helmed the project and brought us on board to design the new logotype, a demanding rethink that would pave the way for the brand's next chapter.  The project plays with the idea of Basque identity as a premise for a new image that connotes a strongly rooted sense of place and origins combined with an open-minded, sensitive, creative and unusual approach to the world of fashion. The concept offers a very subtle reinterpretation of the archetypal Basque letters, a type style that may be questionable from an aesthetic standpoint, but is rich in cultural connotations and assertions. Based on these references, we drew a robust and compelling logotype, full of power and clarity, yet imbued with personality thanks to technical details reminiscent of chiseled letters. 













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